East vs. West Medicinal Ideals

Western medicine sees the body as a machine, where you try to fix a broken part or take it out. In Chinese Medicine, the body is seen as a garden. If the leaves are wilting or turning brown, you examine the condition of the soil, see if the plant is getting enough water & sun or if the roots are being impinged upon. You don’t just paint the leaves green! From the classic book on Chinese Med 'Between Heaven and Earth'.

With all the illnesses and complications man-made drugs can cause, you may be curious about 10 benefits of herbal medicine. Why would you consider herbal treatments for an illness rather than manufactured drugs? Herbs such as plantago psyllium seed, rhubarb juice, aloe vera, garlic and even boiled onionskin, in addition to hundreds of other, have proven benefits. These herbs have been found to cleanse the colon, improve the body’s natural ability to absorb food, boost the immune system and improve digestion. If that doesn't make you want to consider going natural, just look at the additional 10 medicinal benefits of herbs listed below.

Herbal medicine can be used to prevent blood circulation problems. High blood pressure, varicose veins, angina and ulcers can be cured with the help of herbal medicines such as garlic, hawthorn, capsicum, motherwort and ginger.
Herbal medicine can be used as a natural method to control weight and reduce the amount of fat the body stores. Burdock root, chickweed, flax seed, fennel root, alfalfa, hawthorn and numerous other herbs have been successful when used to naturally reduce body weight.
Herbal medicine can be used to diminish or prevent the effects of allergies, such as allergies to food, insects, dust mites, dust and even pollen. Using nettle, butterbur, astragalus or ephedrine with caution can control allergic reactions to naturally occurring matter in the air.
Herbal medicines such as bitter melon, garlic, onion, gingko balboa, cinnamon and numerous others can be used to control blood sugar levels. This can be of great help to diabetic patients.
Using herbal medicines such as goldenseal, chamomile, slippery elm bark and dandelion can strengthen the body’s immune system. Strengthening the immune system will provide the body with the ability to fight foreign illnesses and invaders.
Herbal medicines such as ginseng, feverfew, garlic and spearmint can help the body as well. They can help in fighting migraines and indigestion and can increase stamina and protect the liver from damage due to toxins introduced in food.
Got a cold or sinus infection? Herbal medicines such as slippery elm bark, chamomile and licorice can ease the discomfort and pain of sore throats and prevent coughs.
For the woman suffering with menstrual pain or PMS, herbal medicine received from drinking dandelion tea, slippery elm bark and chamomile can help. Such remedies will ease cramps and pain.
Herbal medicines introduced into the body at an early stage in life can offset the issues occurring from preservatives in food. Cancer has been known to be hindered by using herbs regularly.
Herbal medicines given to young children when they are born and fed regularly have been known to increase the child’s level of intelligence. Studying children who have been fed herbs from birth has shown increased intelligence even higher achievement in school.
Much too often, we pop a pill that controls the issue at hand. Yet, that same pill has the potential to cause several other health issues. So we go spiraling out of control when trying to cure a simple headache. Before you realize what's happening, your medicine cabinet has gone from one prescription drug to several. With each doctor visit, more prescription drugs are added. Herbal medicines use products grown from the earth in their natural state and work to heal or minimize medical problems and strengthen the body‘s natural ability to prevent illness.

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