Self Styled Siren Workshops

Each Workshop shall take place in AySes Dunya's Private Art Studio beside her Lozen Lotus Love Clinic. Business number to speak in person is 647-606-1896, to book a workshop click on the Paypal order form link for each Workshop you would like to take part in;

Meditation Mantra Medallion Making = here we will take a perfectly circular quartz crystal stone and paint onto it one of the list of chosen Mantras that best suits your intent. Or you can bring your own.

Make your own Goddess WINGS = here we will give you a choice of several patterns, and materials and together we will create your very own pair of WINGS, that you can use for any number of theatrical purposes, or just because. :P

Working with WEATHER WANDS = here we look into the art of making wands. this creation is about touching base with Mother Nature and creating a Weather Wand which can help clear the clouds on those particular days when the storms of Metaphysics or emotional turmoil threaten your happy space. Class includes your choice of wand materials, and expression glitter and additions.

BODYSOUND GODDESS BARETTES = here we will be working off a base of sets of Barettes already set up with semi-precious stones, many many to choose from, created from a pattern from the GRAND CANYON TURTLE CLAN Natives. We will add Feathers, and pretty things. lovely Eye candy to meet every Girlie Grrrls needs~!

**Check out her TESTIMONIAL TREE to learn what others feel about this Wellness Worker~!**

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