Monday, October 28, 2013

Now offering some SEASON OF LOVE discounts, deals, and Barter & Trade work off incentives.

Click on the links in RED to learn more about EACH edifice opportunity for WELLNESS & Healing sessions for you to be enjoying and getting involved with TODAY~!!!!

1> SEASON OF LOVE; Now LLL is open to Trade and/or Barter for treatment and services

2> TCM & Metaphysical Sciences Case studies OPEN CALL~! 

or.... check out our awesome possum workshops below in the pic.

Many ppl ask 

Here is a list of the modalities that are included and covered by Metaphysics; click on this link to bring you there.

To learn more about our other REGULAR SERVICES
our business line is 647-465-1896 or for direct email booking;

To learn more about ANGEL CARD READINGS visit Mz.AySes at

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