Elements Theory

5 Elements from TCM
*Fire  *Water  *Air/Wood  *Earth  *Metal/Spirit/Ether
a couple of them have alternating otherwise this pattern has been 
around for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

And the 5 Elements are connected to the 12 Meridians in our body that connect to every organ we have. There are several places to find more on this, i chose Wikipedia.

 Chakras also deal with the 5 Elements Theory;

And as you may know how you think today makes tomorrow happen.

In the Pagan religion the Elements play an important integral role;

Whether you want to attract aspects into your life with an invoking incantation, or you want to have negative aspects take leave with a banishing incantation(or prayer in the form of a written letter)
here is a breakdown from the Wiccan perspective.

In Ayurveda medicinal practice which originates from India there is also a common Elements Theory
it looks like this.

Below is a TCM breakdown of each Element, their Chinese name and its directions;

This next poster is a bit vague in terms of details but you can see the names of the meridians that are connected to Each of the 5 Elements;

The Five Elements also go with the seasons, and tastes we experience;

The Yin Yang Theory is also very much a basis of the Elements and here you can see by the light and dark shared circles for each element and that within each element is all elements, as is within each yin yang a further division of yin yang;

The Organs then with their perspective Meridians are also divided into the 5 Elements theory;

Not only the organs, meridians, yin yang, the seasons, and times of the day but also Spiritual, Intellect, Emotions, Sense, Energetic Movement all can be broken down into the 5 Elements Theory;

With the classification of times in the day each Element is strongest you can begin to find what your 

The Runes of Norse Mythology also believed in the 5 Elements;

Here is an Affirmation invocation to use to call on the Elements;
Elements Mantra affirmation chant

Grant me Blessed Elements
a steady hand and a watchful eye
that no one shall be hurt as I pass by
You give Life, Bring Laughter, Invoke Love
Shelter all Dear Elements, whom bear me company
You give us the bounty of the World
The Caress of the warmth of Fire
The soft kiss of the night Air
The cleansing of the Water
The firmness of the Earth beneath my feet
With Love and Light I go my way
Protect all and lead us safely on our way

So Mote it Be


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