Monday, October 28, 2013

Now offering some SEASON OF LOVE discounts, deals, and Barter & Trade work off incentives.

Click on the links in RED to learn more about EACH edifice opportunity for WELLNESS & Healing sessions for you to be enjoying and getting involved with TODAY~!!!!

1> SEASON OF LOVE; Now LLL is open to Trade and/or Barter for treatment and services

2> TCM & Metaphysical Sciences Case studies OPEN CALL~! 

or.... check out our awesome possum workshops below in the pic.

Many ppl ask 

Here is a list of the modalities that are included and covered by Metaphysics; click on this link to bring you there.

To learn more about our other REGULAR SERVICES
our business line is 647-465-1896 or for direct email booking;

To learn more about ANGEL CARD READINGS visit Mz.AySes at

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Welcome to Lozen Lotus Love's upgrades~!

Hello my friends :)

Here at Lozen Lotus Love we are upgrading and exploring new ways to help you enjoy your time with us even better. With our present focus on the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and our continued love for the 7 Chakras we bring you enhancements that will alter your frame and have you walking away feeling RIGHT AS RAIN~! 

First we look at what is new, then continue to scroll down to view our services or click here to skip this and go directly to our SERVICES. :)

ATTN: THIS IS A Private clinic=
contact us to make an appointment, and we will be happy to fit you in one of our next available spots~! :) 

Click link to get DIRECTIONS to Lozen Lotus Love,
where you will also find the contact information as well
as at the bottom of this page. Enjoy~!

Let's take a look at what's new shall we... :)

In the cozy corner of LLL we have our consultations, and make 
our customised HEAL~YOU 1-0-1 plans.

psst~! Did you know?
The clinic is named Lozen Lotus Love... the first name of this practice is given to Lozen, who was an amazing Native woman. She took care to her ppl with fierce loyalty and love. She was amazing with animals and could hear enemies approaching waaaayyyy before they arrived. Her protective and healing skills were only out matched by her heart for her land and her ppl. The second name is the Lotus which is a most precious beautiful flower that grows and is dependent on the crapshoot at the bottom of the pond to thrive(aren't we all...). & lastly= LOVE sweet love is what it is all about.

Booking package DEALS will get your AMAZING DISCOUNTS!
During your NEXT SESSION just ASK :)
just finishing as well our 5 Elements special~ buy all 5 treatments, one for each Element and receive one for free!!
Private Consultation available for a variety of Services; $25/hr.
For either= 1> Holistic Esthetician Lessons, 2> Home Make~over 1-0-1, OR 3> Metaphysical Sciences

LLL is carrying an amazing line from Switzerland called Abronne, to learn more about Arbonne products check out Ay Ses Arbonne BIZ BLOG  or you can now SHOP ONLINE at her Webshop boutique~ she is an independent consultant for Arbonne and stands by their products as it is really super amazing quality items. Her methods of selling this line are not hard sell or cold calling, in fact she is a CASUAL in the sense of keeping it simple and focusing rather on allowing you to learn more by spoiling you with samples she purchases to treat everyone... Want to have a chat about it? let's meet for tea...because truly this PRODUCT LINE SELLS ITSELF. This is not about making rent, its more about selling a line she loves and she loves the kick back of getting paid to shower with her beloved Arbonne FAVORITES~ 
we like the WIN/WIN situations... ;)

To add volume to your Metaphysical healing sessions here at LLL we have invested in 3 systems that will enhance your perception, your sense of well~being, and your over all state of relaxation.

Many additional options to add to your treatment to intensify the service include; 5 Elements Aromatherapy, 7 Gemstone/Archangel Living Essence, & 7 ChakraTeas  

choose from at $5 each added option~!

1st to introduce CHAKRA TEA. Tea made especially for each of the 7 Chakras. 
you can work on 1 Chakra at a time, or mix 2 or more, OR COMBINE ALL CHAKRAS to make a potent potion of POSITIVE FLOW in a nice warm cup that reaches from you fingers to your toes. :P

2nd we have an amazing and special line of Essence. Have you heard of Bach Flower Remedies?
Well Living Essence is a line that distills the essence of Precious Stones to create a wonderful spirit helping system. The one we presently carry is the Archangels, 7 different Archangels helping with the 7 Chakra levels. This is altering the energy frequency of our conscious self and upgrading it to become more sense aware of our part in our own healing, with the support and loving guidance of our Guardian Angels, or rather our Guardian Archangels that is... *wink wink*
coming soon; more on our newest arrival, a line i have been excited to introduce to you:
both of these tinctures lines are following exact methodology with

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) There is a HUGE part of clinical work done to help each of the 5 Elements, as well as understanding and helping the levels of Yin Yang in our lives. This 3rd addition to our clinic is unique and divine. Introducing our 5 Elements Essential Oils. The Aromatherapy we induce into the room is by way of water vapor/mist. a Spa system device that soothes the soul while helping you fall into a deep healing meditative center peace of mind.
Learn more about our TCM inspired 5 Elements Treatments in Services Unveiled

Pssst~! Have you Tried? RECENT made; ORGANIC HANDMADE BATCH OF FACIAL SOAP made by
is for those who want an Earthy, homemade specialty care for their skin. This AMAZING FACIAL SOAP is made with only the BEST QUALITY for your skin, including EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL that leaves your skin after cleansing soft and perfectly moisturized.
(Also works on tough working hands that need extra moisture :P)

The Clinic is open 5 days a week Monday to Friday 11-7
Ask about our Reiki SPECIALS

Perhaps you want a Tarot Reading? AySes is a CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER and has over 16+ decks, including 4 Doreen Virtue Oracle & tarot cards and other forms of DIVINATION ready to help serve you as well such as Runes, and Native stone ppl. Whether you want a straight 1 deck reading or a DELUXE SPECIAL of 3 or more DECKS in 1 DETAILED READING that can include a vocal MP3 for your own future reference.
here is a LINK to some of our seasoned decks that we LOVE as well as ONLINE READING PRICES AND LINKS.
all reading presently include a digital copy of your cards as well as for online readings a WEBCAM session.

If you take a closer look at our Tarot Table you will note the CAST IRON CAULDRON.
It is our center of joy in that we were gifted it after soul searching for over 10 years. 
This BEAUTIOUS BELLE is resonating an amazing vibration in the space with its vintage being over 100 years old. 
It was found in the roots of an old HEMLOCK tree, deep in a forest...oh the magik that the Great Mother Weaves. BLESSED BE.
Would you like to VISIT? Booking is super easy~!
you can EMAIL AySes at
or call the BUSINESS LINE at 647-465-1896,
important to note; often either busy helping a visitor or working, so please LEAVE A FULL CONTACT & MSG for a faster response time. As well as specifics you are inquiring about.
Cancelations made within 24 hours before the appointment are subjected to a $25 processing fee and may not be accepted for a rescheduling, (at the discretion of Lozen Lotus Love Management)
We would like to treat every frame with LUV LUV LUV.
This is an environment for healing only and as such
any unruly behavior will be politely shown the door.

Please respect the POSITIVE FLOW
as that is the ONLY VIBE WE GROW
as well as the MOST IMPORTANT TO SOW.
so be AWARE enough to CARE~!

To learn more about our 5 Elements Treatments, OUR REIKI SPECIAL, or our many other services please continue to scroll down. BLESS UP my KINDRED~!
It was a DELIGHT to have you come by, stop by anytime...HUGZ

Thursday, February 28, 2013


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This Season Enjoy our SPECIAL OFFERING OF 

~*1 hour complimentary FREE REIKI session 

with any one of our Five Elements Therapies*~

Reiki at our regular price is $60 + $55 for the Element treatment = $115
this special saves you $60!

or call/text our clinic number at 647-465-1896

We heard it thru the grapevine from FRIENDS like 'The Healing Team' & 'Qi Gong Group' who spoke of your needing some Reiki perhaps? Do you find yourself in need of a bit of TLC? Well now this is why i am here, for you see i wanted to give you an over view of what it is I have been creating here at my private clinic up by Bayview and Sheppard. 

If that distance would work for you in terms of travel i am booking times From Monday to Friday between 11am to 4pm. If you can offer a couple times with a one hour window allowance for the session plus intake and wrap up time i would say roughly a 2 hour appointment. Therefore if you can offer a couple times i will have better luck with a couple suggestions, :) this way i am sure i can adjust and fit you in, in case i have to book in others while i await your response. :)

I have been veering towards Eastern medicinal practices in my Healing efforts. 
There seems to me to be in light of it all a better concept of preventative medicine coming from the East vs the Western mentality.

~*LLL*Lozen Lotus Love~

presents :)

      Reiki plus PACKAGES. <$55 each>

~>Combining 1 of our 

5 Elements Therapy 

+ free Reiki= "Good times!"

~>chooose from;

*Earth Element = regulating Qi, drying & calming the mind
*Fire Element = clarifying the Heart, clearing heat, or warming
     *Water Element = clearing Kidney heat, calming mind

*Air/Wood Element = spreading Liver Qi, releasing constraint
*Metal Element = diffusing Lung Qi, activating Qi, releasing constraint
Do you want to know more about the 5 Elements?
Here you will learn that not only in China but in a few different parts of the world the Elements have been revered for a long long time, much longer then our modern Western medical world.
*The 5 Elements, a brief look*

Reiki is essentially dealing with rebalancing the chakras, through energetic exchange via the practitioner's hands to the client through a series of hand positions. Do you know about Chakras?

* Chakras info charts  *Chakras Definition by a great Master

We have created these treatments at LLL which are focussed to help us to help you,

by activating your Qi with the use of Traditional Chinese Theory.

to learn about what they include;



*Gua Sha and Lymphatic Healing Body Release with Moxibustion* $55 

*Dynamic Divinations* unique formula to giving you a reading of depth and clarity, a multidimensional reading no reading the same. This formula is proven to be effective in giving no reading the same outcome with variables that you choice to make it as unique as you like. * COMPLIMENTARY with each Reading You get a digital copy of the reading in Mp3 format, NOW AVAILABLE is our ONLINE readings which will include a WEBCAM session. 
for a preview of some of the decks check out my new blog dedicated to this subject and service! LUV LUV LUV to grow~ & everyday we are all getting better~! 

*Making Meditation Mantras*$25/hr <~ a combination of different practices towards making creative Mantras of a verbal & visual nature. Together we create your unique Meditation Mantra which you can take home to continue to work with for years to come.= a learn to DIY meditational corner, or makeshift travel spiritual centre to be used WHEREVER & WHENEVER YOU NEED.

*Rework, Remake, ReNEW YOU*$25/hr <~From experience it is not about a complete make over that is required in this Triple R plan. It can make a real difference for you. This is a crash course to CREATIVE RRReNEW YOU! Using Holistic Esthetics and including Make your own customised Skin care 1-0-1 you gain long term value for a short term investment. Please email for list of options and time availability as each topic takes on hour of time and there are a few different ones to look at. To view some of the skin care creations you can choose from; OrganinxNotionz  ~ NOW TAKING ONLINE ORDERS, with a BONUS OF FREE SHIPPING, only for a limited time... ;)

*Paint & Fabric 'Facelift'*Feng Shui* $25/hr <~This is a great place to create a subtle and yet POWER FULL SHIFT in your life. If you are really feeling oppressed, like you are in a constant state of feeling like you need a vacation, or have a limited budget and can't afford a good vacation presently DO NOT FEAR this package is going to blow your mind! Taking what you got and upgrading on a shoe string budget to make your world more ORGANIC. no look to hard, with a little co-creative crafting anything is possible!!! As interior design goes this is a sweet price with instructional DIY sessions included, its the lesson that will keep giving.
To find inspiration we want to share the window of this project; 
 is about 
Where we LUV to LUV to LUV to help YOU!

There is a couple parking spaces available in our driveway. in case you are driving for no extra charge. Also just a quick note of special mention, our space is pet friendly, we have a huge bird feeder on our porch and lots of out door critters are about, as well as 2 lovable characters inside which is our cats.

CLAUSES TO NOTE!!!~Should you have any other allergies or special concerns it is required to disclose them before arrival as this is a private home practice i wish to disclose all pertinent information prior to entry of the premise. As our clinic space is a Temple of HONOUR we ask your patience in our process of client acceptance. Should we feel there is a negative or ill tempered exchange of energy found on the premise we will show you to the exit post haste to avoid any undesirables. As well; late or missed appointments may end in termination of your client case with us. 

Blessed be,
all my relations,
yours truly,
~Helping Healer, Artisan, Philanthropist~