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Why Do Chakras need clearing~ article found in Om Times Magazine online~!!!

"...a friend on Facebook shared this and it was impeccable timing, therefore I am posting this as i have been looking for a specific description of this exact nature and it is relevant to every service i offer at my Clinic. It is what i have been working with in all my own lifestyle activities. So hats off to Rev. Lois Cheney and the insight we gather after readying ourselves, and allowing the subtle healing forces of the CHAKRAS to go to work within us" ~LUV LUV LUV ~AySes~

Why Do Chakras Need Clearing?

Why Chakras Need Clearing

by Rev. Lois Cheney
chakrasWhy would you want clear chakras? What are the positive results of a chakra clearing? Cleared chakras can bring a variety of benefits including the release of stress or trauma, calming of the emotions, improved physical health, increased spiritual focus and mental clarity.
The reason that the clearing of the chakras can affect so many aspects of life is that the chakra system is in coordinating and functioning control of the entire personal energy system. If the chakra system is brought into balance so does everything else in one’s experience become more balanced and grounded. There is improved self-confidence, peacefulness and a feeling of enjoying great control over the events of one’s life.
A person’s chakras are attached to and dependent upon a central column. That central column needs to be cleared so that it is able to fulfill its role as a channel allowing free interchange of the various energies. After a thorough clearing of the column each individual chakra in turn can be cleared and reenergized to vibrate and revolve at the correct speed.
In this way the coordination of the whole system is engaged and optimized. In other words, each chakra begins to operate in the way it was originally intended thus joining with and energizing the system as a whole. Positive changes begin and are immediately recognizable.
The personal chakra therapy treatments I offer to my clients include the use of 8 special musically tuned forks, color breathing, crystals and positive affirmations. A typical session takes 45 minutes to an hour or more depending upon the needs of the client. ~by Rev. Lois Cheny 
What i love about what Rev L.C. is sharing here as she goes on to describe methods she does it and how long it generally will take is her straight forward easy to understand explanation. So we can start to see with such an eloquent description the value of having Tuning, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Qi Gong, and even working with the Chakras via Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine. All Vibrational Healing methods that you will find a variety of ppl fulfilling in their roles as Wellness Workers. 
I also like to employ speaking with my ancestors, or the ancients when i am processing spiritually with my Chakras, in my treatment with others they also find it helpful to speaking with them and helping to feel divination guidance. Helps nurture a furthering of renewing our Chakras, our Qi, our Essence.
Which in turn gifts us with VITALITY and we find all sorts of positivity flowing as a result.
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